Tips for Finding a Lost Pet, Vets in Carmel Weigh In


Nobody ever imagines that their beloved pet will somehow get loose and end up lost, but unfortunately it’s something that is a very real possibility. Animals can surprise you, slipping out of leads or squeezing through the tiniest of openings, and once they are on the run, you’re suddenly faced with the task of tracking down your pet and bringing him home safely before he gets hurt or into trouble. To help you be prepared, our vets in Carmel have made a few tips on finding a lost pet.

Make Some Calls – As soon as you notice your pet has gotten loose, be proactive and reach out to your local shelter, veterinarian and animal control officer. These are the common places a lost animal will be dropped off when found, so it’s a great place to start. It will also ensure that you have a few extra sets of eyes looking out for your runaway pet.

Hit the Pavement – If your pet hasn’t been gone for very long, chances are she is somewhere close by, so get out there and start looking. If possible, enlist the help of friends, family or neighbors and split up into different directions. The faster you begin searching, the better your chances of being reunited with your pet quickly.

Spread the News – “Lost pet” posters can be very helpful in locating a lost animal quickly. You can print your flyers at home, or have them done at your local paper supply or print shop. Be sure to include a recent clear picture of your pet, include the date and area that your pet went missing, any identifying features, and your contact information.  Our vets in Carmel would be happy to help you spread the news as well.

Harness Technology – The internet can be a powerful avenue for spreading information and getting the word out about your lost pet. Post pictures and info about your pet on your Facebook page, and check to see if there are any other local pet-friendly organizations that would allow you to use their page to get the word out.

Be Proactive – It’s always a good idea to take precautions before something like this happens so that in the event that your pet does go missing, you’ll be able to get him back safely, as quickly as possible. Always use collars and identifying tags that include your pet’s name and your address or phone number. You may also want to consider getting microchip identification for your pet implanted by our vets in Carmel. And, of course, always supervise your pet and keep her leashed when venturing outside your home or yard. The more you prepare, the better your chances of keeping your animal companion safe and sound within your care.

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