Is My Pet Overweight? Vets In Carmel Weigh In


Obesity is a rising epidemic not only with humans in America, but also our beloved pets.  Somewhere between 30-40% of pets seen by vets in Carmel are overweight or obese.  Because so many dogs and cats are overweight, it’s not surprising that many people think that their obese pet looks normal. 

How can I tell if my dog is overweight?  To determine if your dog is overweight, do NOT look at the scale, but actually pet your dog.  Stand over your dog and run your fingers over your the ribs and waist.  Then ask yourself these two questions:

1.  When I try to feel the ribs, can they be felt very easily where you could count each one, but still not see them?

2.  When you try feel the waistline, can you see and feel a visible waistline on all sides?     IF your answers are no, then your dog is overweight.   (see picture below)

How can  I tell if my cat is overweight?  Cats follow the same basic principles, but tend to deposit a lot more of their fat in their lower abdomen (like men with beer bellies).  For cats, run your hands over the sides of the ribs and then underneath the abdomen.

1.  Is it difficult feel each rib easily?

2.  Do you feel a large pouches of fat drooping down under the abdomen?

IF you answered yes, then your cat needs to lose weight.  (see picture below)

Obese, Overweight, Ideal

Obese, Overweight, Ideal

Several long-term studies have shown the health risks for pets with obesity.  The most important one is that overweight pets live 2 years less on average.  It is a medical problem and can be treated.  If your pet is overweight or obese, call our vets in Carmel today to discuss which options and weight loss treatment plan would work best for you.

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