Your Carmel Vet Clinic Answers Your Questions About Ebola Virus and Pets

Your Carmel Vet Clinic Answers Your Questions About Ebola and Pets

As the nations of the world struggle with the 2014 Ebola outbreak, many pet owners have questions about Ebola. ¬†These concerns were heightened after Spanish health officials ordered the euthanasia of an Ebola patient’s dog out of fear that it might spread the disease to others. ¬†Here in the United States, however, our response has been different. ¬†One of the nurses who became infected after caring for an Ebola patient in Texas has a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who was isolated and monitored.

Can dogs and cats get infected and sick with Ebola virus?  At this time, there have been NO reports of dogs and cats getting sick with Ebola, even in Africa.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) believes the risk for a human outbreak of Ebola in America is very low.  Therefore the risk for our pets becoming infected here in the USA also remains extremely low.

Can I get Ebola from my dog or cat? ¬†At this time, there are NO reports of dogs and cats even getting sick from Ebola, therefore there are no reports of disease transmission. ¬†Ebola is spread via direct contact by touching infected bodily fluids & blood, touching contaminated objects, and contaminated meat. ¬†At this time, we do not know if a dog or cat’s paws, fur, body, etc… can pick up and carry the Ebola virus and spread it elsewhere. ¬†If a person becomes infected with Ebola who has a pet, the CDC recommends that health officials in collaboration with your local Carmel vet clinic evaluate the dog or cat’s risk of exposure to the virus (via close contact to bodily fluids of the Ebola patient).

Our 24 hour news always makes every event sensational.  Although Ebola is a scary disease, the chances a major outbreak in the United States are very low.  Therefore most of our dogs and cats have nothing to worry about.  For more information about our Caring Hands Compassionate Hearts, click on this link to our Carmel Vet Clinic.

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