How To Choose The Right Dog For You By Your Carmel Veterinary Hospital


When you work in a Carmel veterinary hospital, everyone you meet tells you their pet stories, especially why their breed of dog is the best in the whole wide world.  Why there is no such thing as the best breed for everyone, there may be the best type of dog for you as an individual and your lifestyle.  Choosing a pet is the only time when you actually get to select a family member!  So don’t make hasty decisions that you will regret for the next decade.  I do NOT recommend choosing a dog based only on the way it looks.  The first thing you need to assess is yourself–your personality and your lifestyle.

1.  Do you have the time, energy, and desire to raise and train a puppy properly?  If the answer is no, then an adult dog is right for you.  I always recommend heading to the local animal shelter or humane society first.  They always have a constant influx of new dogs, so take your time to find the one that fits you best.  If you are interested in adopting a dog visit the Humane Society of Hamilton County.  They do a fantastic job!  Visit them on the web by clicking this link to Humane Society of Hamilton County.

2.  Why do you want to get a dog?  Do you want to have a dog to snuggle, to go on walks, for a guardian?  Whatever your answer, make sure the dog would be interested in the same thing.  For example, if you want to snuggle buddy coach potato for watching TV, a high energy dog that needs lots of exercise and attention might not be the best choice.  If you would like to take the dog on your daily 5 mile run, you should avoid a dog that might have to be carried home.  Will the dog be left alone for long periods of time everyday?  Make sure the energy and exercise requirements for your dog match your energy levels and lifestyle.

3.  How much shedding is acceptable?  Most dogs shed the hair all year round.  How often would you to brush the dog?  If you want a dog that doesn’t shed very much, are you ok with taking it to the groomer every 1-2 months?  A few breeds also have some degree of slober and drool.

4.  Are there any other pets or children?  Remember that we do speak the same language as dogs–Body Language.  But for those of you with young children, you know how they can burst out with running, jumping, yelling, pulling, and reaching for a dog in a manner that is most terrifying in terms of body language.  Most dogs are wonderful with others if they are socialized and trained properly, but some dogs prefer a quieter setting without other animals and kids to bother them.

5.  Does size matter?  Of course it does.  The dog is the single most diverse species on the planet!  This is due to us humans artificially selecting breed specific traits.  That is why we see dogs that are 4 pounds and dogs that are 204 pounds.  But I put this one last because you shouldn’t choose based on appearance alone.

Dogs are man’s best friend.  Just do your homework so you can make sure that your dog will always be your best friend.  Call our Carmel veterinary hospital if you want to discuss a type of dog that might be right for you.

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