Why Does My Dog’s Breath Smell? February Is Pet Dental Month For Carmel Veterinarians


As a Carmel veterinarian, I see all sorts of problems with pets who visit the animal clinic–but THE most common problem I see by far is dental disease.  That doggie breath is usually an indication that it is time to clean the teeth.  I always remind people that I am their pet’s doctor, but I am also their dentist.  Dogs and cats have teeth and mouths full of bacteria just like us.  After eating, plaque and tartar begin to develop on the surface of the teeth.  Without brushing and chewing daily home care, periodontal disease develops.  If your pet is over 3 years old, and have never had a teeth cleaning there is over an 80% chance that they already have dental disease. 

Periodontal disease is an infection of the tissues surrounding the tooth.  This starts out with gingivitis but leads to bad breath and if untreated, eventually a painful rotten tooth that usually has to be extracted.  In addition, the bacteria enter the bloodstream and can affect other organs in the body including the liver, kidneys, and heart.  The biggest problem with dental disease in pets is that they usually show no clinical signs until it is very severe.  Dogs and cats are a lot tougher that we are and will hide signs of dull pain.  This is one of the many reasons why getting an annual physical exam from your Carmel veterinarians is so important for pets.  Because this disease is treatable.

Many pet owners avoid cleaning their pets teeth not because of the expense, but because they are scared of the sedation.  To perform a thorough oral exam and cleaning, dogs and cats must be sedated.  As long there are no underlying health problems such as heart, liver or kidney disease, etc… anesthesia is very safe.   Many pet owners doom their pet to a lifetime of oral infection and pain due to an unfounded fear of anesthesia.  I clean my own dogs teeth once a year and sedate him every single time.

February is Pet Dental Month!  In honor of this, our Carmel veterinarians are offering 20% of all dental procedures during the month of February.  When our pets receive good dental care, they undoubtedly live longer and happier lives.  Call us today if you have any questions about cleaning your pet’s teeth or to schedule your dog or cat’s dental (317) 249-8085.  For more information on our Caring Hands Compassionate Hearts, click on this link to Carmel Veterinarians.


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