Coyotes Attacking Pets, Your Carmel Vet Clinic Explains How To Protect Your Beloved Pets From Attack

Coyotes Attacking Your Dogs and Cats In Your Own Backyard?  Your Carmel Vet Clinic Explains The Best Way To Protect Your Pets

This winter has been harsh on all of us…including the coyotes. ¬†Add the horrible winter conditions to the ever expanding human cities and suburbs that encroach on what was prime coyote hunting territory. ¬†So we shouldn’t be surprised when we hear of coyote sightings and coyote attacks on pets in our Carmel suburbs.

At our Carmel vet clinic, we see dogs who have been attacked by coyotes, loaded with puncture wounds from coyote teeth. ¬†Some of these dogs are lucky to be alive. ¬†Since we can’t control the weather, and the human population will continue to grow, you can expect there will be more encounters like this between our dogs and cats and the wild coyotes in the future. ¬†So how can you protect your pets from coyotes?

1.  The best way to protect your pets is to make sure you keep an eye on them!  Even if you have a fence, do NOT leave your dog or cat alone outside unsupervised.  Coyotes can dig under fences, jump over short ones, and slip between gaps.  Leash walking your dog is the safest route to take.  Coyotes are instinctively afraid of humans and will usually avoid a small dog or cat prey if you are around to protect them.

2.  Do NOT leave food out that might attract coyotes or other wild animals.  Again, we want coyotes to keep a healthy distance from us.  Leaving food out can make coyotes return and become accustomed to humans.

3.  Be especially careful during the winter months.  Not only is food more scarce, but it is also coyote mating season.  Coyotes are more aggressive during the months January to March as they travel long distances in search of mates and food.

At our Carmel vet clinic, the most likely victims of coyotes attacks are small fiesty dogs. ¬†Big dog breeds like Labs, Boxer, Goldens, etc… usually are not attacked by coyotes. ¬†But little dogs with big personalities like Jack Russel Terriers, Yorkies, Westies, Shih Tzus, etc… are often targeted and stay to take on the fight. ¬†Cats can often escape up a tree, but remember coyotes can hunt in packs sometimes and are bigger than you think, some of them up to 50 lbs.

What should you do if you see a coyote near your dog or cat?  Make as much noise as possible by yelling & screaming, banging a pot, jumping, and waving your arms to scare them off.  Lets keep our beloved pets safe, keep your cats inside and your dogs on a leash to help avoid a scary trip to our Carmel vet clinic.  For more information on our Caring Hands Compassionate Hearts, click on this link to Carmel Vet Clinic.


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