Preparing Your Pets For Severe Weather By Your Carmel Pet Hospital

Preparing Your Pets For Severe Weather By Your Carmel Pet Hospital

Pet owners across Indiana are thankful to see the winter melt away to spring, but you should also be prepared for the coming stormy weather that spring brings.  Severe thunderstorms, flooding, power outages, and tornadoes affect all of us including our 4 legged friends.  As your Carmel pet hospital, we strongly urge you to be prepared for severe weather by taking the following steps.

1.  Make an emergency kit for your pet.  Time is critical in an emergency.  Preparing some essentials for a few day trip for your dog and cat will extremely helpful in the event of catastrosphic weather.  A pet emergency kit should include:  crate, leash & collar, food/water bowls, bottled water, treats, toys, food, and medical records.  Have your kit all in one area so you can grab it quickly and go.

2.  Make an evacuation plan for your pet.  If you need to leave your home quickly, select a few different locations where your dog or cat could stay.  This would most likely be a boarding kennel facility, a hotel that allows pets, or staying with a friend or family member.

3.  Select a shelter area inside your home.  Severe weather can come quickly and you may not have time to travel to another location with your pets.  Determine the safest place in your home to weather a storm with your dog and cat.  This should be a small room away from the windows such as a bathroom, basement, barn, or garage.  Interior bathrooms often work well for pets.  The small space protects from falling debris, there is running water, and pet-friendly flooring.  The added security of a crate may also be helpful at preventing injury and providing a calmer environment.

Our Carmel pet hospital recommends these severe weather steps because they are simple, inexpensive, and effective.  A disaster plan for pets can save the crucial minutes in the event of an emergency that might save your life, but also provides peace of mind.  For more information on our Caring Hands Compassionate Hearts, click on the link to your Carmel Pet Hospital.

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